Meet the Daingerfield Texas Class of 1971.
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Class of 1971
Daingerfield High School

Homecoming, 2001

As the eyesight fades, the memories sharpen!

Here we are, getting back together now that we've all aged so gracefully . . . <cough>

The Daingerfield Senior "Class of 1971"
September 28, 2001

Old is when guys quit trying to hold their stomachs in even during class reunions.
Old is how you feel when you go to a high school football game and all the cheerleaders look like they should still be in day care.

Rosalyn and behind her Melanie

Old is when you forget to take your eyeglasses
to the ball game and that scoreboard the
others refer to looks something like this.....
Becky and Laura
Becky, Laura, and Steve

--And the Daingerfield Tigers came through for us. They allowed the only score to come AFTER we'd all headed for our cars to beat the after game traffic and get on to Jerry Pratt's Law Office for stage II of Homecoming night.
Tommy and Sandra
Old is when you
need glasses to find your glasses.
David and part of Patti
Old is when you discover your ears are hairier than your head.Andy and Steve

Kathy and Tommy

Peggy and Kathy

Kathy and Denise (and Judy's ear)

Judy's face (you see, she's more than just an ear)
Old is when a high school class gets together for an after-game party like this one and the neighbors never even realize it.

Becky and Andy (it's now past Becky's bedtime)


Steve, Paul and Jerry

Tommy's ear

Kathy and Kathy talk.
Kathy, Judy and Denise
Sad isn't it, when that little "black book" contains only names ending in MD.

Becky (it's now WAAAAAAY past her bedtime)

log jam in the main hall

Wayne just loooooves to have his picture taken

Old is whenever you close your eyes for very long, someone checks your pulse.

Melanie is in good spirits as the evening grows late

Mike , in serious thought (as the evening grows late)

Melanie and Molly enjoying some of Jerry's posters in his office


Earlene aka Sherry (threating  camera woman)

Mr. Gillian braves a visit

You know your are aging rapidly when you can remember the proper way to Pledge Allegiance at the ball game but forget to put your hand down until hours later.

Laura and Mr. Gillian

Glenda loves to have her photo taken.....

Glenda and Becky

Glenda and Becky, again
Mr. Gillian and Ray  (talking economics, I'm sure)

Patti, Mr. Gillian, and Ray


Old is being able to take cat naps on command.

. . . .Peggy and Wayne

You know you're getting old when you consider Metamucil a mixed drink.

Peggy and Wayne

Stan and Steve

If you have photos from the reunion you'd like to share, let us know. We'll always make room for more photos.

If you want to have your image cut out of a photo above, contact Rosalyn Alsobrook . That's certainly doable.




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