Meet the Daingerfield Texas Class of 1971.
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Class of 1971
Daingerfield High School

Saturday night, Reunion 2001

Everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work!

Getting back together
The Daingerfield Senior "Class of 1971"
September 29, 2001

(at Catfish Village)

Paul  then Sharon then Sherry
Judy, Kathleen, and Wayne
Old is when you no longer view our Texas speed limits as a challenge.

Again, Paul, Sharon, and Sherry
Patti, Steve, Becky and David (Laura and Stan in back)
Stan and Mike
Sondra (standing) part of Wayne, Kathleen, Laura (and back of Kathy)

Melanie signing card for Michael Grainger

Sondra and Melanie
Old is when you look at your own photo in the old high school scrapbook and don't recognize the skinny person with all that wild hair.

Hi, Judy!
Kathy , oh, and Tommy, too. (Mike in back)
Kathy up front there.
Old is when you get into a serious and often heated discussion about pension plans.

Wayne, after too much sun on the golf course

Patti & Steve (notice how Steve is found with everyone but his wife?)

Getting old is when you feel like the night before and you haven't been anywhere!

Getting old is when the gleam in your eye is from the florescent lighting hitting your bifocals.

Kathy (Sherry & Patti  & Kathleen in back)
Old is when you still remember when buying a 'push-up' meant getting orange sherbert.

Paul, Sharon, Sherry then Steve, Patti, and Kathy

Kathleen,  Patti, Steve & Kathy (standing)
Tommy (Sandra in back)
Sondra and Judy in back; Kathy & Melanie in front
---after dinner at Catfish Village, those who had not yet eaten themselves into a stupor caravaned over to Kathy Gandy Richardson's house for yet more fun!

Becky and Melaniex

Laura and Kathy
Rosalyn and Laura
Paula & Sharon

Remember when 'do-do' referred to something other than what the baby did in its diaper?
Paul and Becky

If you have photos from the reunion you'd like to share, let us know. We'll always make room for more photos.

If you want to have your image cut out of a photo above, contact Rosalyn Alsobrook . That's certainly doable.




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We would like to obtain mailing and/or e-mail addresses for ALL of the Classmates from the DHS Class of 1971. Anyone who was not contacted this year as a result of not keeping your contact address updated, and would like to submit a correct mailing address or e-mail address (and be in on the fun next time) please do so. Remember those 911 addresses are not the same as what we had for you in 1996.



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