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Welcome To The Daingerfield High School Class of 1971 Official Reunion Website

Welcome to the long ago world of the Daingerfield (TX) High School Class of 1971.

Try not to count the many years that have passed, only the many happy memories that remain with us even today. (Or should we say the memories that remain with most of us even today)

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Class of '71 Reunited!

.  Despite numerous unexpected problems (and some expected) 30 plus members of the Class of 71 managed to gather together the weekend of September 28-29, 2001 for a 30 year reunion (30 Years already?? OUCH!). What a fun homecoming it was.

. Barely one week before the main events, came the announcement that we were going to have to cancel. There'd be no gala at the country club as planned. How disappointed those of us who'd made plans were to find out at the last minute that the 30 year reunion might not be so we quickly rallied in e-mail contacted those who'd responded to the mailings by telephone and put together fresh plans.

. Game night plans remained the same. We sat together near the end where the band and drill team still sit (packed in like sardines; but we were happy, and occasionally rather loud, sardines). To make the night even more fun, the Tigers played well and by half time had scored and we reveled in that good old Tiger pride. Afterward we visited until way after midnight at Jerry Pratt's Law Offices. He opened all rooms to us and we spilled into every one, and even outside where poor Becky Ramsey Bird was terrorized by an awakened and somewhat grouchy air conditioner .

. Great fun was had trying to figure out who some of the folks were. Even though most of us had reviewed our annuals beforehand, that was of little help for those who'd changed so dramatically through the years. To see just how much some of us had changed, and what a hard time we must have had trying to guess who was who that first night, check out some of the photos taken on FRIDAY NIGHT.

. The next night, instead of the gala planned at the Beaver Brook Country club with a banquet and DJ to play oldies but goodies, we met at the Catfish Village near Ore City where we all made good use of our favorite expandable clothing. Afterward, we caravaned to Kathy Gandy Richardson's house for another gabfest. What a beautiful home Kathy has!

Saturday--Guys & Gals Scramble Golf Tournament, Sept. 29, 9:00 a.m. several met at the Beaver Brook Country Club to play golf and try to look as if they weren't too old to get up early after a night with very little sleep.

[Just for Fun]

Everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work.

The gleam in your eye is from the sun hitting your bifocals.

Your little "black book" contains only names ending in MD.

You get winded playing cards.

You know all the answers, but nobody asks you the questions.

You look forward to a dull evening.

You need glasses to find your glasses.

You turn out the lights for economic rather than
romantic reasons.

You sit in a rocking chair and can't get it going.

Your knees buckle, but your belt won't.

Your back goes out more than you do.

You sink your teeth in a steak, and they stay there.


A Night to Remember!
(How many of you do?)

Graduation Night, 1971 
It was a hot and sultry night. Thank goodness for air conditioned auditoriums and being from a small school with small graduating classes.

The Program was short, though we all thought it went on forever! We were just hours away from being free. Hours away from being what we thought were adults. (If we only knew then what we know now.)

Sam Johnson presided. Remember him? Our illustrious principal with the strange plants growing in his office?

Miss Greta Bass was our pianist. She played the marches that brought us into the auditorium and allowed us to leave again.

Randy "Prez" Russell, our class Commander-in-Chief, gave the Invocation. The Daingerfield High Choir sang "No Man Is An Island" and "The Halls of Ivy" under the direction of Mrs. Royce Hogg.

Wayne "Brain" Haynes gave the Salutatory address, which was followed by David "Lips" Lanagan playing a Trumpet Solo. Carolyn Hanson accompanied him.

Madron Justiss then gave the Valedictory address, encouraging us into the future with that soft, always-calm voice of hers. (And she became a TEACHER didn't she? With that soft, sweet voice??)

Sam Johnson then presented the Candidates for Scholarships after which J. D. Parrish handed out our Diplomas.

With those blessed pieces of paper in hand, we all sang the Alma Mater, led by Richard "the Innocent" Lee.

Steve "Skip-out" Skipper, who was President of the Student Council, then gave the Benediction and amid shouts of glory and squeals of glee, the Class of 1971 became a thing of lore as we added a new chapter in the ever-growing History of Daingerfield High School.

What a night!

What a Class!

What true joy!


(And, yeah, what a bunch of Who-ee!)



To be sure you get in on the next reunion, stay in touch!!



The official invitation: 2001



Call for old photos to share on this website!

This is a plea for photos of our 1971 Classmates from age kindergarten on up to graduation age.

In other words: Elementary photos, Jr. High, or High School are all fine. Or even personal photos taken at school events, church events, or of some big gathering that had mostly our classmates. Funny and embarrassing photos welcome. Send them in jpg or gif format as attachments to Rosalyn Alsobrook.

If you don't have a scanner or know someone with a scanner, you can mail them directly to Rosalyn along with an SASE so she doesn't have to bother with addressing the envelope and tracking down a postage stamp so she can send it back. Also, be sure and put your name on the backs of the photos to identify them as your property.

Graduation Program Name List
And the above are the names of those who should remember that night!

If you don't remember Graduation June 1, 1971 and you aren't listed on the program copied above, don't worry about it. You probably weren't there anyway.


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Photos: the early years
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Photos: homecoming night


Photos: Saturday night


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[NOTE: Since we did not get as many early registrations in as we'd hoped, we had to scrap the banquet to be safe; but we are getting together for Dutch Treat at Catfish Village at 6:00.]