Meet the Daingerfield Texas Class of 1971.
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Class of 1971
Daingerfield High School

The Early Years....

Back when 'Man From U.N.C.L.E' was a top rated show!

The Way We Were
The Daingerfield Senior "Class of 1971"

The early years......

Back when cowboys kissed their horses and never the female saloon keeper.

Remember when watching the Donna Reed Show made us all wonder why our own mothers never seemed to cook supper while dressed in pearls, wearing her cleanest freshly starched apron?

Mrs Johnson's third grade class.
West Elementary

Mrs. Smith?? Fourth Grade Class.
South Elementary.

Mrs. Robertson's Fourth Grade Class
West Elementary

Mrs Dean's Fifth Grade Class
West Elementary

Mrs. Turner's Sixth Grade Class
West Elementary



Marvin Watson Day

Rosalyn and Carla Beth....... ... ... .......


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1971 Classmates


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